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  • clear acrylic coating sealer drive ways curbs concrete water protection.
  • clear durable clear protective coating concrete non peeling.
    Durable, non-peeling, clear protective coating for concrete.
  • Concrete repair clear concrete coating sealer paint.
    Protect, repair concrete with clear waterproof sealer.
  • clear tough durable waterproof concrete sealer.


High Performance protective clear water-proof concrete driveway sealer.
Proven, easy to use, Eco-friendly, clear coating-sealer. Designed to protect and beautify unpainted concrete surfaces against water damage, weather and abrasion. Use on residential commercial concrete driveways, decks, patios, balconies, walkways, crosswalks, curbs, homes, shopping centers, apartment complex, hospitals, high schools, etc.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallon plastic pails.

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Formulated by USSC chemists and manufactured at its location in Alpharetta GA this high performance clear acrylic coating to protect and beautify concrete. It is water-based hence easy to apply, easy to clean-up, non-flammable and has low odor. Apply with roller, brush or conventional or airless spray equipment. It penetrates the concrete and forms a clear, rough abrasion, water and weather resistant coating. It forms a strong bond with masonary surfaces and will not crack, peel, chip or fade. After several years when it does fade it can easily be top-coated without the need for any special surface preparation.

  • High performance water-based acrylic latex formulation. Low VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds )
  • High solids, dries fast to a tough, clear, non-yellowing durable finish.
  • Resists oil and gasoline stains. Will prevent mildew and collection of dust in concrete pores.
  • Resists hot tires pick-up.
  • Will not peel, chip or crack. Not effected by external weather conditions.
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DTM clear TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

Clear_Stone_Brick_Paver_DTM_wb_sealer2017_SDS ( Safety Data Sheet )