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  • Airport quality large glass reflective beads spheres FAA approved type 2

GLASS BEADS Type 111 - airport spec

High Quality, large diameter, Airport spec. GLASS BEADS Type 111.
Airport Quality beads that meets FAA Type 3 spec. Large diameter, high reflective index, top notch light reflectance having a refractive index of at least 1.9 and retro reflective values of up to 1500 mcd/m2*lx,above 1.93 is required. Specified for use on Airport Runway marking paints and specialized signs. Made from high density Barium Titanate glass, they are very clear, lead free and have excellent Durability, High refractive index, high retro reflectivity. Meets Federal specification TTB 1325. Glass bead diameter is 200 to 1000 µm.

priced by the pound. Packaged in 50 pound bags.

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Top Quality Glass spheres, glass beads recommended and specified for high performance Airport Runway painting, striping projects. These beads are lead free, large diameter and high refractive index and high retro reflectivity.

  • Packaged in Moisture resistant coated 50 pound bags.
  • Approved for Airport Use. Meets FAA type 3 beads specification.
  • ROI index above 1.9 meets Federal Spec. TTB1325.
  • Approved for Highway paint use also.
  • Approved as drop on beads for most types of striping paints.
  • Recommended rate of 6 pound per gallon of paint.
  • Increase night time and wet pavement reflectivity and safety.
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